Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blah... update!

Wowza life has become a big ball of stress for me, and it's only gonna get stressful until I can buckle down and just choose something. I hate when you're in a position where everything you can choose from depends on everything else, and vice versa. Everything depends on everything, if that makes sense. Especially because I'm about to make the transition from CC to University. The price of this shit? DEAR.GOD! I'm gonna have to harvest both of my kidneys and probably some other vital organs just to pay for the first year.

What about the other two?!

Man, I could use a beer. or five.

I have a feeling USM is gonna rip me not one, not even two.. but close to three IF NOT MORE, new assholes before I'm done. School loans are the absolute last priority. Not to mention, my plans of going to med school after Southern? I can't handle loans upon loans.. and on TOP OF THAT! -- if I absolutely have to live on my own, I have no idea how I'm gonna come up with money to do so. I absolutely REFUSE to work myself to death when I'm at a university. If my grants require me to have a certain GPA then that comes first. I just won't do it. Mother dearest can be pissed off all she wants to & call me lazy but my school is what I care about most. I just have to figure all this shit out. Stress and me do not mix well; and granted that's probably everyone but me, especially. I will seclude myself from everyone & everything just so I can figure everything out. Being a recluse is my specialty >.> But anyways; so glad the end of school is coming near. soooo happy because for once I'm actually very optimistic about my grades, haha. I've done so much better this semester now that I know what the hell I'm doing. I just hope everything works out for the best. Sometimes you really do have to do what you need to do, regardless of caring who you piss off or upset as the outcome.

well enough about that..

Life? {despite all the school stress} is amazing ♥ I have the man of my dreams! I am sooo so so blessed :) He finishes my sentences, makes me smile even at times when I don't feel like smiling. Sings to me ♥ scratches my back without complaining ;) ... he does everything. He is everything. I can't help but brag how good I have it since he came into my life & I know people prob get sick of hearing it lol. I've just never had this, I wanna tell everyone :) I can't even begin to describe this feeling haha but I know there is no way in HELL that I am ever letting this one go! He truly makes me forget my heart was ever broken & it's so wonderful. I'm so lucky to have found him! :) aaAAaAaaAhhHhHHHHhhhHhh Lots of smiles for this girl :) feel like it can only go up from here no matter how down I get from time to time! He is my other half :B {/nerd} Until next time, stay colorful ♥ ♠ ♦ ♣

Did I mention that I could use a beer? Yeah, big tall beer.