About Me

I have been asked why I chose "colorful enigma" as my blog name ... well, the definition of enigma is: a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, difficult to understand, perplexing - etc. Combine that with the fact that, my whole life I have always been told I have a very colorful personality, always bright and bold -- and voila! my blog! I like to accentuate my love for all things colorful through my paintings, my writing, my photography.. and everything in between!

Hi! I'm KRiSTA, the author of this cutie patootie lil' blog :D
However, most people call me Bubzy {long story..}
I'm an 18 year old girl living, loving, & discovering life
Life is my ultimate muse, I'm constantly learning
I write constantly, & take pictures of everything religiously
I'm from Mississippi, but that does not make me a redneck.
I'm currently in college full time {Forensic Science major!}
{hoping to make that a double major in Web Design}
I love tattoos. I have 4 right now with no intentions of stopping
I find beauty in everything, even the smallest of things
I'm a simple person with a complex way of thinking
which by the way, I love to think
and I'm just one giant, interesting ball of fun! :)

some random facts:
• although according to medical records I born here in MS, I claim Las Vegas as my real home
• I LOVE graphic design - teaching myself since 5th grade!
• I graduated a year earlier than I should have :D
• I dye my hair constantly, always trying something new
• I love classical music, old time movies, and vintage EVERYTHING!
• call me nerdy, but I love learning! school is actually fun for me! ...well...
• I secretly/will secretly correct your spelling/grammar mistakes in my head
I absolutely can't wait to be a mother ♥
• Sushi overtakes my life more than anything probably should :x
• My obsession with pickles is bigger than my doubt in humanity
• I love love love love LOVE to travel
• When I get older I'd love to have 4 of the same breed dog & name them after the Beatles
• The day they create a rehab for shoe addiction, I will be the first signed up!
• I will choose {brackets} over (parentheses) any day...
even though I'm the worst person at drawing them on paper.
• I draw on everything I can get my hands on D:
• My goals in life are high, but I expect to reach them all
{one of them is opening an online store to sell my paintings} :)
• I quote more movies than you have probably seen
• House is & always will be my favorite tv show of all time
... besides Law&Order ;)
& I will add to this as time goes on!

This blog is a place for me to put everything, the rawest of the raw. My flaws, my accomplishments, my struggles ... my good days & my bad.
It's a chance for me to rant, criticize, and give my input on the many aspects of my crazy life. And also a place to share just anything I feel like sharing! I don't have time in my busy schedule to blog EVERY SINGLE DAY, but I blog AMAIC!

oh my jeebus...this girl right here is my other half; the day I find a guy who can outwit me, complete my sentences, and understand me as a whole - more than she can - is the day I know I've found my soulmate, lol. She is my girlie crush ;D ~ we have been through hell & back, ever since 5th grade :) we've literally been through so much sh_t together -- from drama in middle school to threatening to beat each other up numerous times, to crying on each others shoulders when the guy we liked didn't like us back.. and here we are, 2600 miles away from each other & our friendship is still STRONGER than ever. she is so many definitions, but most of all she's my sister. She's my support system, my mentor, my idol, and above all - my best friend. Nobody will ever come before her in my life, because she was there long before the person ever showed up. We don't talk every day, and even if we go weeks without talking - when we do again, it's like nothing happened. I know that no matter what, SHE will always be there for me. So with a friendship like that, who needs a man? ;)

Adgy, Adgy, Adgy! ~ my other best friend :B We've become super close over the past couple months, which is crazy because it sprouted from not knowing who the hell she was. But now we're inseperable pretty much, and it's great to have someone who sees stuff like you do - as well as very different, might I add. We're perfectly different for each other. She understands me and all my raging emotions. &She won the key to my heart when she smothered my sandwich in pickles >:D She's my schoolgirl twin, cuz we go all schoolgirl mode over hot, amazing lead singers & whatnot. And she's my realist, lol. She tells me what I need to hear even if I don't wanna hear it, because in return it puts me in a new perspective that I should have been seeing before. PLUS I can say 'bro' incessantly and not be judged for it. /WIN! ... Absolutely LOVE her to death, plus her son Luc is awesome. <---whom is my future husband, btw. ___sorry guys I'm taken ;)