Friday, March 2, 2012

What is love?

Have you ever wanted to learn so much about something/someone? You find yourself at a loss for words because it seems there is never enough time in the day to say what you wanna say, or ask what you wanna ask -- and with every question sprouts 3 new questions, and so on... just feels like when your day comes to a close, you could have been talking all day, nonstop & still have so much left that you want to learn, you hate that you have to wait another 12+ hours or so to start finding out again. The fact that you lose sleep when talking to them, and maybe even after you've both gone to bed - you lose sleep thinking about them. But talking to them is the best part of your day. You absolutely can't wait to hear about their day, too. Because when they're talking, it's like you're hearing your voice replayed after you've said the same thing to yourself before. The entire day you ask yourself, 'I wonder what we're gonna talk about tonight?' -- time flies when you're talking. You start at 9:30 them bam it's already 2am. But you don't care.. time means nothing, really. And then you find yourself writing down things to ask because once they start talking, it triggers things you wanna talk about - and you are so anxious to hear what they have to say, that you don't wanna interrupt them. When you get sidetracked, it's normally because of the thought of them ;) You ask yourself how someone so wonderful could be created; you're almost tempted to question it because you were always taught if things seem too good to be true, they probably are. But this is different.. this is just, so amazing. Your head tries to think logically and keep safety in mind, but your heart says what the hell I don't even care. It's things like THAT, that show you the true meaning to life.

A life without love is one wasted, in my opinion.
Whether it be love of/for things, or love of/for someone --
if you don't experience SOME kind of love, you just simply aren't living.

My opinion of love is simply this; it is:
1/non-judgmental : when you love someone, you don't judge them by any means. they act retarded, so what. they don't like sour cream, so what. they love classical music, so what. all of that makes them who they are; don't discriminate against it, embrace it. because if you ever hope to find true, absolute love - passing judgment on differences gets in the way of that.

2/forgiving : the biggest things I think we, as humans, struggle with - is forgiveness. am I saying if he cheats on you, you should forgive him every time he does it? absolutely not. there's a line drawn with certain circumstances. but having a fallout just because he forgot you don't really like brocolli? i mean, come on.

3/understanding : being able to understand and accept kinda go hand in hand; when you understand a person, you understand they will not always think like you do. they won't always agree with you. they won't always have good days. but when you can understand that about a person, when you can truly understand everything they are & everything they have to offer - your heart is set & able to experience everything love has to offer. that's just the plain truth.

4/energetic : love is all about keeping it exciting and learning new things, doing new things and continuously having fun... if you can't have fun, then what good is it?

5/accepting : just like being able to understand in love, accepting what you understand makes it even more beautiful. because when you can learn to accept the truth, you learn real love.

6/patience : when you're in love with someone, you can't rush things just to get to the finish line. you just can't, you ruin the integrity of your relationship. and you can't just wake up one day and expect things to change if causing conflict within your relationship. patience=time. don't be so quick to get to the end, enjoy it while it's happening. cherish it, all of it.

7/trust : the biggest key when it comes to love. without trust, you cannot build on your foundation of love. without trust, your relationship will forever be stuck at a red light. you can't expect to get anywhere without getting/giving trust because it inhibits you from growing together as a whole.

8/loyal & devoted : the one place where people go WRONG in love; when you love someone, you are DEVOTED to them and are LOYAL to them. it doesn't even mean you have to physically cheat on them - emotionally cheating is just as bad; thinking of being with someone else, picturing yourself with someone else, etc.. fantasizing, etc. when you're loyal to someone it means through EVERYTHING.. it means through it all, the bad and worse - not just the good.

9/affectionate : affection doesn't always have to come with hugs and kisses, but simply showing you love & care about someone, even with simple nothings.

10/the ultimate teacher : love has its own way of teaching someone a lot of things they never realized until that point in time. mainly because when they experience love, their perspectives change DRAMATICALLY. you see things a lot clearer and positively, and you start being realistic about them. whether the love you experience lasts for a lifetime or a mere couple years, cherish any kind of love you have the opportunity to experience. because most won't allow themselves to experience it at all. and those are the ones truly missing out.

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