Sunday, October 23, 2011

life changes, whether we like it or not.

I've never been so insulted and humiliated in my life not to mention embarrassed to call someone like him my EXboyfriend, starting to think HE was my biggest mistake. As much bullshit as I've been through with him, he thought that less of me to break it off through FACEBOOK. not to mention CALL ME OUT SO EVERYONE COULD SEE. Ya know I've been pissed off extremely in my life but I would never stoop that low. but karma is a bitch and she hits hard. enjoy it. so yeah, definitely a toddler state of mind. and if you're reading this, hope you like what I have to say :) anywhooooooo but I guess that's the odds you play with playing with a kid. But it's fine with me, I will move on like I always have. I was PERFECTLY FINE before he came back into the picture and I'll be EVEN BETTER now that he's gone :) I love being happy and independent.

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