Thursday, October 13, 2011

oh how stressful life is.

between working my ass off and school full-time, it seems like
there is no time for me to breathe or blink. i HAVE to start
taking it easy... i've been pretty much nonstop sick for almost
2 months, this is RIDICULOUS..... plus, i just wanna relax for a
change! :( next semester isn't gonna be so rough on me... at least
i hope not. walmart = new job soon, i had a feeling it was only gonna
be a temp anyways until i hit the big 1-8. blah :/ anyways.. i'm
finally getting a chance to catch up on my sleep, so i'm about to
do just that. it bothers me i haven't had any free time to work on
either website these last two or three days either... must do asap.

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