Sunday, February 12, 2012


Bah, here I go on these busy rampages again. Feel like there is never enough time to do what I need to in the day.. I hope some day soon they come up with a reasonable explanation for why days should be like, 30 hours long - instead of only 24.

School has its ups & downs, like always. I'm pretty mellowed out for the most part. Midterms are coming up but I don't think any of my classes do those lol LUCKY FER ME. And plus, I got offered a spot to take the Math ACT portion out of like, 100 kids. AND! I get $75 just for doing so :D ummm I think so!

Life is the same ol' same ol'. It's still rather exciting, even though I stay at home for the most part :) I really am a nerd. Coding, and whatnot. And the rarity that I DO in fact, go out. It's normally by myself. Yet, lame again. Because everyone who always bitches about not getting out and doing anything with anyone are the first ones to bail on me when I offer. So, to hell with you all :]

Pretty excited for the months to come though! Life is gonna get a tad bit interesting..

_ have to make an appt. to tour USM, along with appointments for different apartment places
_ booking my ticket soon to go see Kara! Promised her I would be there to watch her graduate :) my gooodddd it's been FOREVER since I'VE gotten to fly!
_ filling out my FAFSA as we speak ... it'll be interesting to see just how much I get back this year lol
_ diet has gone nowhere :/ i sucha fatty..

and just overall life is just one big jumbled mess! not complaining though :)

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