Monday, January 9, 2012

First Day Back

School actually wasn't that bad today :) The first day of classes, well more like the first week - is a love/hate situation for me, lol. You don't stay the whole time in the class because you're getting used to the teachers and whatnot, but all they do is TALK for the time you ARE in there.... I found myself tapping my foot and fingers incessantly. I think I should be okay with my classes this year. Granted, my Comp teacher seems old fashioned as hell. She is one of maybe 3 teachers at the whole college who go by the fine rule for cell phones.. if she catches it, it's $25 to get it back. I mean REALLY?? We are grown ass people. COLLEGE STUDENTS... so I might struggle with that class a little lol.

On a more negative note, I wish I lived somewhere ELSE. Somewhere that actually has their weather patterns on TRACK with their seasons. It is JANUARY here - you know, that little thing called WINTER TIME!!!! It has bee in the mid 60s/70s here lately... and dear god SO HUMID!!! Not to mention I have MOSQUITO bites EVERYWHERE!!!!! I am MISERABLE!! :/ I want some snow, dammit.

Blaaahhh I slept for the past 7 hours, so I can definitely say I CAUGHT UP with my sleep... just don't have it in the right pattern, lol. Let's see what kinda stuff I can make tonight ;)

~ Stay Colorful <3

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