Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's a new year!

Goodness gracious, there has been so much to happen to me in the past two months.
-my laptop crashed. I lost literally everything on it and am having to start completely new... coding everything, new graphics programs, EVERYTHING :(
-my zune stopped working. lost ALL my music (3000+ songs)
-christmas was crazy

and blah blah blah.. SO - needless to say I have definitely not been in my right mind this past month or so. Sanity? What is that you speak of?? HAHAHA! Well now I'm BACK... with a new desktop ;) and she's so fancy :O

-new layout
-new buttons (still fixing)
-adding some more pages as I go..

school starts back Monday! I'm actually excited.. now that I have the hang of it ;) come mid-April I will officially be a college SOPHOMORE!!!! And I move some time in July to Hattiesburg ;) new city.. new start... sooooo exciting. I'm pretty hopeful for this year. It started out okay I suppose.

I get to see my Jakey this summer too!! Not to mention I'm getting back in the gym... so they kinda go hand in hand ;) cant have him seeing me all ugly and that jazz... bahahahaha anyways. Happy New Year! Don't forget to smile today! :)

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