Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just blah lately..

I can't help but look at all of my pictures of my baby girl. I miss her so much. The 19th of this month makes it 3 months since she has been gone... it seems so much longer. But yet it doesn't. It feels like she was just here yesterday. Leaning over the tub licking the water as I washed my hair.. coming in my room to wake me up EVERY morning.. being the first one to greet me at the door before I even got out of my car... It's gotten a little better, just still have my moments.. the ones where all I want to do is lay curled up in my bed with nothing on, no sound, just looking at pictures of her.. she's here with me, I know it. And she is the most precious angel watching over me. I just miss her so much, it's hard to bear sometimes losing someone so close to you... :/ Time heals all wounds. Wish you were here angel.

school is going good. Have a feeling I'm not gonna like English as much as I thought I would, I might be wrong. REALLY like my World Civ teacher, he's funny as hell. And of course, can't forget Biology. BEST TEACHER EVER! -- this Monday, MLK JR Day, will be the first one I've had off in FOUR damn years!! Because I went to a school that didn't allow us to have it off... but everyone else did. So we were the only dumbass people in the whole area that went to school. While everyone else - could sleep in late. HAVE I MENTIONED I LOVE COLLEGE? It's glorious.

-Stay Colorful ♥

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