Friday, January 20, 2012

Positive Vibes II

Good morning all! I woke up this morning extremely happy and figured I would share my mood with you all! My moods have kinda been jumbled above my head here lately.. but talking with a good friend last night, made me realize a few things. One, I envy those who live each day to the absolute fullest and WITH A SMILE ON THEIR FACE AT ALL TIMES! They have hardships and hard days like we all do.. BUT THEY MAKE THE BEST OF THEM! I feel a big change coming over me and this is how it starts :) So to those having a hard or stressful day, and you happen to come across this post - these words are for you :)
Don't forget to smile today!! You would be SO surprised to know how contagious a smile TRULY is! Well.. except those that don't have the best dental hygeine :/ BAH!


Do something different than your normal routine today - or at least something to keep you in a good mood!
* Go for a quick walk through the park if it's a sunny day; take in all the beauty or just enjoy the fresh air!

*JAM OUT!! my absolute FAVORITE thing to do ;)

{Some songs I recommend?} ::
• Taio Cruz__World In Our Hands
• Pink__Raise Your Glass ;or; Get This Party Started
• ~The Cupid Shuffle [classic!]
• T.Pain__Turn All The Lights On
• Adam Lambert__Strut
• Kanye West__Stronger
• Usher__Yeah
• Train__Hey, Soul Sister
• Lady Gaga__Just Dance ;or; Poker Face
• All American Rejects__Gives You Hell
• Enrique Iglesias__I Like it ;or; Dirty Dancer
• Pitbull__Hey Baby
• Jennifer Lopez__On The Floor
• David Guetta__Sexy B!+Ch
• Chris Brown__Look At Me Now

the list goes onnnn and onnnn for miles {I'm currently trying to put together a long list of a bunch of songs for different moods, hopefully it will be up soon!}

* EXERCISE! Hit up the gym for an hour work out. Not only does it get you in SUCH a better mood, but it beats the hell out of being lazy on your couch watching re-runs of Scrubs!

*Be CREATIVE! Paint - sew - draw - write - take pictures!
*Put on some makeup, dress yourself up, and give yourself a mini-photoshoot! Why? YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE A REASON! I do it all the time - believe it or not, it's an AWESOME mood booster!

*TREAT YOURSELF! To a movie, to lunch, to a manicure! You don't necessarily have to get a set of acrylic nails or eat at a 5-star restaurant, but doing someone for YOU is a good way to keep positive as well. It makes you feel good about yourself, and plus - have to keep up routine maintenance for ourselves anyways, ladies ;)

*CLEAN! Goodness.. I can't tell you how much this is the one I avoid most, lol. My lifestyle is hectic and I'm always finding myself making a mess.. and I've realized this though: If I let my room get messy for, oh say, 2 weeks? THEN I clean it, maybe rearrange it a little? It's GREAT! Mother doesn't like it.. but, oh well ;] ~ If you catch yourself home alone without the kids around, put on some comfy pants, pop in your favorite CD, and just clean! You may not want to at first.. but moving around and dancing will get your mood going! Plus.. everyone likes a clean house :D

*Enjoy EVERYTHING. The smiles, the tears, and everything in between. It's hard to grasp that concept because nobody wants to enjoy the times we're hurt, am I right? I know I don't. And I wasn't meaning necessarily really ENJOYING them.. but be grateful you were given another moment to experience life in general. Most people don't have that opportunity. I know how easy it is to want to throw in the towel and give up completely, I have come so close - SOOOO many times. It's the little moments that count most though - you know, walking in your bathroom only to find your one year old covered herself in three rolls of toilet paper; or finding careless mistakes that you make during the day - don't get frustrated, laugh at them :] Laughter is the best medicine, and the best thing to help you when you're feeling 'sick'. Every minute you spend not living life to the fullest, is a minute of precious time you can't get back. Everyone has rough days, but its up to YOU to make the best of it & keep on going!! If its not okay, its not the end. & remember that someone always has it ten times worse than you.

*Count your blessings, DON'T count what's missing!

So if you can't find the energy to do anything at all today, at least thank God that you were able to read this. He allowed you to wake up this morning, which is enough for me. Because there are some that weren't that lucky <3 Enjoy your day!
THIS is what I do whenever I get bored or just feel like being creative! Anything is possible.. just let your mind run free & go with it ;)

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